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  • How do other market players see the future of automotive with regards to deploying apps and functions to a car?
  • What is the understanding of a digital twin for vehicles? Do we all speak about the “same thing” ;-)?
  • How to deal with the different standards with regards to v2x communication and even starting on the car between the different (from different OEMs) ECUs and CCUs and an overall/general vehicle onboard control unit?
  • Are there already global market leaders driving for standards and are they aligned on one standard?
  • How will current communication standards like Sensoris fit into the new way of how we see and manage a car?
  • What are the biggest pain points (technical and organizational) for companies working on new standards or approaches?
Digital Twins

Gunnar Beister

Senior Solutions Architect IoT

Gunnar Beister is Senior Solutions Architect IoT at Robert Bosch.IO since 2015 and studied Business Informatics with diploma at the FHTW Berlin. From 2006 till 2008 he was working as a Software design engineer at Texas Instruments Germany (Berlin) and France (Nice). From 2011 to 2012 he was Manager for Software Quality Assurance & Engineering Tools at Bombardier Passengers Department (Berlin) and works since 2015 as Managing director of an own e-commerce start-up (Berlin) as well.

Bosch.IO combines the full set of consulting and implementation skills to deliver IoT and digital projects, focusing on the retail, energy, building, industry, consumer goods, agriculture, and mobility sectors. Bosch.IO has 900 experts on board, including consultants, coaches, cloud software developers, digital marketers, UX and business model designers, solution architects, and project managers. Based in Germany, Bulgaria, Spain, Japan, China, Singapore, and the USA, they team up interdisciplinary to serve customers around the world. Drawing on a broad base of industry knowledge and a deep well of software expertise, this Bosch company has proven its merits in more than 250 IoT projects.

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